Where is CBIS Wilson located?

2421-B Airport Blvd NW
Next to Jana Lake State Farm Insurance


Mon-Thurs:  8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Why should I choose Carolina Breast Imaging Specialists, Wilson?

CBIS is the first facility in Wilson offering 3D Digital Screening Mammography and the only facility using the newest 3D technology from GE Healthcare which offers the lowest radiation dosage at the highest image resolution. CBIS has been exclusively performing 3D mammography since 2014 and has extensive experience with this new technology.

In addition, CBIS is the only North Carolina medical practice dedicated exclusively to breast imaging and breast cancer detection. All physicians are board certified and fellowship trained breast imaging experts. The practice is under the leadership of Dr. Bruce Schroeder, formerly of the Eastern Radiologists Breast Imaging Center,  who has been Greenville’s leading breast imaging expert for nearly 20 years.

Our office has been designed to be the most comfortable, convenient and private.  Soft music, soothing colors and furnishings, easy parking and friendly staff have made our patients tell us “this is the nicest doctor’s office I have every been to—I will be back next year!”

Do I need a referral for a screening mammogram?

No. You may schedule your own exam without any prescription or order from you health care provider

Do I need an appointment?

An appointment is recommended but walk-ins are accepted

What is a “screening” mammogram?

Screening mammograms are performed in women who have NO SYMPTOMS or complaints.  Generalized breast pain, breast implants, history of benign breast biopsy or breast cancer more than 5 years ago can all be done as screening exams.  Any other situation requires DIAGNOSTIC MAMMOGRAPHY which is done in our Greenville location.

My previous mammograms are elsewhere, how do I transfer my films and reports?

Once you sign our information release we will get everything transferred for you. You can download our form here and then fax it back to us before your appointment so we have everything we need when you come. If you cannot do it beforehand, don’t worry, we will start the process when you come and for most local locations will have your records in just a few days.

How are my images interpreted?

All images are sent by secure network connection to our Greenville office for interpretation by our fellowship trained breast imaging experts, the most experienced in Eastern North Caroljna.

What if you find something wrong with my screening mammogram?

Research shows that dedicated breast imaging experts are able to detect the smallest, most treatable, breast cancers with the lowest number of “false positives.” In addition, 3D mammography has been shown to lower the false positive rate even more (up to 30-50% lower). We have extensive experience with 3D mammography and have been very pleased that very few women need additional images after 3D Screening.  We expect approximately 5% (1 out of 20) women will need more imaging (usually just ultrasound).  Ultrasound and any other procedures including biopsies are done in our Greenville office which is just 30 minutes away (on the Wilson side of Greenville, right off of Highway 264.)  If you need to make the trip to Greenville for additional imaging we will usually be able to handle any additional imaging and biopsy if needed all in one visit.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can call our office at 252-561-7232


Use our Online Appointment Request tool by clicking here.

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