3D Breast Biopsy

CBIS was instrumental in the development and approval of this technology which is now offered by GE Healthcare on its state-of-the-art Senographe Pristina mammography system. This system allows for the highest resolution and lowest radiation dose of any available biopsy system. The innovative features allow a biopsy approach from any direction in any patient; and the patient can remain seated in a chair during the whole procedure. The system has proven to be extremely fast and accurate. Since 3-D mammography is becoming the standard for all mammograms, this technology is essential to be able to biopsy the smallest areas that can only be seen on 3-D systems.  This system replaces traditional stereotactic breast biopsy. Since it only needs one 3D image per view compared with 2-3 for each stereotactic view, it is almost twice as fast and uses less than half the radiation.   This is the only system available that uses a “grid” for all breast sizes which further reduces radiation and improves image quality. Before 3D biopsy became available, some abnormalities found on 3D mammography could only be biopsied by surgery.