about us

You’ll come because of our experience, you’ll come back because of yours.

Our Mission

The mission of Carolina Breast Imaging Specialists is to provide patients with state-of-the-art care in a comfortable environment by a team of professionals exclusively dedicated to breast imaging and the early detection of breast cancer. 

CBIS Advantage

We are the only medical practice in the region where all of the physicians are fellowship trained breast imaging experts. This allows us to find the earliest breast cancers with the fewest number of false positive exams (which result in unnecessary extra testing and biopsies). 

  1.  Since 2014 we have performed 3D on every screening patient. Other practices still do some 3D and some 2D .
  2. We are the first (and still only) practice to use 3D screening ultrasound (ABUS) in the Eastern half of the state.
  3. We also are the only practice in the region using 3D CAD on our mammogram images.


The PRACTICE exists for the singular purpose of providing the highest quality breast imaging. Whereas, most breast imaging is provided as part of a larger radiology practice, this is our sole focus. 


Our experienced STAFF understands the special needs and concerns of women having a breast imaging exam or procedure.  


The DOCTORS are all fellowship trained breast imaging specialists. We do nothing else. Specialists in breast imaging can achieve the lowest false positive rates (ours is around 5% whereas the national average is around 10-12%). Almost all breast cancers can be found with our low “abnormality rate” but we can do it without the unnecessary fear, radiation, and cost associated with the higher abnormality rates of generalized radiologists. This also means that we can avoid unnecessary biopsies in many women.


All our SCREENING MAMMOGRAPHY is 3D.  We feel very strongly that 3D mammography is the best you can get, so it’s all we do. Don’t worry if your insurance does not cover 3D mammography, we will not charge you any extra fee.


  • FDA/MQSA certification to perform all of our services
  • Certified as an ACR Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, which we received by meeting ACR’s high standards in all aspects of breast imaging