who we are

You’ll come because of our experience, you’ll come back because of yours.


The PRACTICE exists only to serve in the mission of finding breast cancer at its earliest stages when it is easiest to cure. This is very uncommon. Most breast imaging services are performed by hospitals or multimodality radiology practices. Even if they have a dedicated breast imaging facility it is just one component of their business. Everything we do is in service of this singular mission.


The STAFF does nothing but breast imaging. They are dedicated to learning and providing just one service.


The DOCTORS are all (both) fellowship trained breast imaging specialists. We do nothing else. Specialists in breast imaging can achieve the lowest false positive rates (ours is around 5% whereas the national average is around 10-12%). At 5% we are able to find the cancers that can be found but do not call the others abnormal which results in unnecessary fear, radiation, and cost. In addition, when we decide something needs a biopsy it is more likely to be a true positive result. This means that we can avoid unnecessary biopsies in many women.  Many of the women who were told they needed a biopsy, after getting a second opinion by our specialists find that they did not need one AND many women who were told they were cancer-free ended up needing a biopsy and having cancer.


All our SCREENING MAMMOGRAPHY is 3D.  We feel very strongly that 3D mammography is the best you can get, so it’s all we do. Don’t worry if your insurance does not cover 3D mammography, we will not charge you any extra fee.